These are the main issues occurring weekly on the site right now. I am fixing them as they occur but it would be good to get a handle on it internally as well. I have made some detailed rules to follow here that may help.

BLACK = Google's Issue
BLUE = The solution
Each screenshot under the issue is exactly where to fix/adjust when creating the new products/pages.

Additional Notes: 
1. Google does not like ALL CAPS in the meta data. Please refrain from using ALL CAPS when creating content.

URL TOO LONG: The URL should be around 55-65 characters in total.
The URL below is too long and exceeds the limits per Google.

Here is where you can edit/fix this in the Shopify admin:

MISSING DESCRIPTION: Descriptions should be between 100-250 characters. An average of 200 is good. They should also include good keyword driven content.

DESCRIPTION TOO SHORT: The descriptions should be over 100 characters at their shortest.

TITLE TOO SHORT: The title should be 50-70 characters and contain high level keywords.

DUPLICATE CONTENT: No 2 pages (collections, products, pages, blog posts) should have the same title, url or description.

TITLE TOO LONG: The title should be 50-70 characters and contain high level keywords.

DESCRIPTION TOO LONG: Descriptions should not go over 250 characters in length.

TARGET KEYWORDS (this list is evolving)
Women’s Boutique
Women’s Boutique tops
Women’s Boutique clothing
Women’s Boutique online
Women’s Boutique near me
Online clothing boutiques
Women’s Clothing
Women’s Tops
Women’s Bottoms
Women’s Skirts
Women’s Dresses
Women’s Jewelry
Women’s Shoes
Cute / Chic / Best (combo’s)



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